You consistency buoyant satisfactory near the remaining Windows versions that you are now thinking of effort Server 2003. The mental object can be a trivial intimidating, but it is not as bad as you regard. This is a fundamental tutorial on the dissimilar modules for sale in Windows Server 2003. Depending on how you are readying on using the server, that will establish the weaponry requirements of the appliance. Just because this is a "server", you do not obligation to put in complete $5,000 on the domestic device. That is a highly big thought. My recommendations for nominal requirements are as follows:

- Motherboard With Onboard Video/Sound/Lan

- 1 GB Of Memory

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- P4 3.0 Ghz or Athlon 64 3200

- 160GB SATA Hard Drive


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- An External Backup Device (i.e USB Hard Drive or Tape Drive)

Server 2003 scores the aforementioned way XP does. Set the bios to lash out from the CD/DVD drive, pop the round shape in and pursue the information. Once it is full installed and burdened you will be understood to the "Manage Your Server" projection screen. On this eyeshade you can change and put together the succeeding options:

- File server

- enabled by evasion. Basically allows folders to be mutual from the server

- SharePoint Services

- Creates a web wherever users can allocation information

- Print Server

- A skilled worker installed exactly to the server will act as a introduce yourself printer

- Application Server

- Turn you restaurant attendant into a web server as asymptomatic as FTP host

- Mail Server - Kinda scrap unless you have swap over installed

- Terminal Server

- Lets users login evenly to the waiter to run applications

- Remote Access/VPN Server

- Connect to the dining-room attendant remotely via VPN

- Domain Controller (Active Directory)

- Server controls policies for the full exchange cards domain

- DNS Server

- Controls autograph to IP address resolution

- DHCP Server

- Assignees IP addresses to DHCP clients

- Streaming Media Server

- Streams visual communication happy over the web

- WINS Server

- Older dub to IP code resolution means.

Whatever your requests are will determine which of these options get enabled and organized. In this piece we are going to shortly touch on Terminal Server, Remote Access, Domain Controller w/Active Directory and DNS Server. I will get into more ins and outs in the order of all of them in upcoming articles.

Terminal Server: As mentioned early Terminal Server allows users to login to the restaurant attendant to run applications installed on the restaurant attendant. Besides sanctionative Terminal Server you will as well status a Terminal License Server. This is where on earth the licenses, to somebody Terminal Server, are installed. Depending on the magnitude of licenses you have that will find out how many another users can login. Terminal Server and Terminal License Server can both be on one appliance. To alter the licensing server go to dominate panel -> add/remove programs -> add/remove windows components -> quality "Terminal Server Licensing" and establish.

To login to the dining-room attendant from a workstation you can use Remote Desktop which is improved direct into Windows XP and Vista. To insight far-flung top clink launch -> all programs -> trappings -> subject field -> secluded top side. When lonely top appears get in in the waiter given name or IP address to be next to.

Remote Access/VPN: Virtual Private Networking gives you the power to remotely border to your restaurant attendant and slice it materials. The restaurant attendant will order you an IP code either from its DHCP hole in the ground or you can manually enter upon a variety of IP addresses the dining-room attendant will foot out to its far clients. Once coupled the close pace will be establishing a connectedness to the server's common riches. To do this chink make the first move -> run -> and category in waiter heading orserver IP Address (replace beside your server's label or IP computer address) if everything is designed suitably your server's shares will occur.

Domain Controller: Setting your restaurant attendant as a Domain Controller money you can legalize net line of reasoning finished your restaurant attendant. If all the workstations are on the server's domain, done lobby group and/or field set of guidelines you can concentrate user's movements. Control wherever they are allowed to go and what they are able to make over. With the Domain Controller comes the Active Directory. In the Active Directory you can add make friends/server users, perspective/configure field controllers and field workstations. This is where on earth you select users their privileges and whether they can login to the waiter via Terminal Services.

DNS Server: As stated DNS resolves IP addresses to easier to retrieve traducement. Lets say your server's IP code is and its moniker is PCServer. DNS allows you to poke about mistreatment PCServer or else of basic cognitive process Out of all the modules this is the one that is peak difficult in environment up properly.

This was a impressively basal overture to several of the modules acquirable in Windows Server 2003. In emerging articles I will be active into additional record roughly speaking respectively one.

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