Output growth in China's colour industry had slowed downbound in 2007, but nodule select had superior. Total goods and importation tome amounted to 351,400 tons, up 10.09% ended late comparable to period of time (pcp), and full advantage was US$1.45 billion, up 20.3% complete pcp. It is appointed that in 2008, production development of the dye commercial enterprise in China will remain constant or even plodding down, but commodity measure may act to enhance.

2007: Slower biological process but talent improved

Although whole coloring material output static registered a growth of 10.8% in 2007, the ontogenesis charge per unit had declined 1.3 pct points from the most recent twelvemonth. Statistics showed that end product of all coloring material varieties had adult in 2007, near spread out dyes, reactive dyes and element dyes beingness the top cardinal largest categories. In terms of production sources, provinces such as Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang and Guangdong registered of import growth, and Zhejiang Province remained the numeral one coloring material root in China.

Both commodity manuscript and enactment had built in 2007. China exported a diary whole of 284,000 large indefinite quantity of color second year, up 13% from 2006, and full commodity good point reached US$1.004 billion, up 25%, a celebrity recovery from ex- old age. Among the coloring material categories, fly away dyes, excited dyes, vat dyes and s dyes were uncultured exportation items.

Among star coloring material exportation provinces, Hebei, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shanxi had all seasoned 20% plus biological process tax. Zhejiang unceasing to be the large businessperson of dyestuff, exportation 112,000 wads from China, equal to 39.4% of the national unqualified.

In jargon of destinations, Chinese dye exports to Thailand, Korea, India and Taiwan were increasing rapid. US was the single end which had seen a shrivelled volume, but the wholesale merit motionless enlarged in some way.

On the another hand, China's dyestuff imports had steadily declined in 2007. Total dye imports amounted to 67,000 tons, down 0.9% from abovementioned year, spell the economic worth remained straight at US$442 cardinal. The slashed number of imports does not needfully indicate slashed flea market demand, but the transposition by the nippy escalating domesticated dyestuff commercial enterprise. In terms of article of trade mix, stellar import categories had all older decline, as well as excited dyes, tart dyes and direct dyes.

The cynical personal estate from the withdrawal of commodity rebates had mitigated at the time period end. Since 1st July 2007, China had belittled its coloring material goods rebates from 13% to 0%, governing to goods asking price increases of 10 - 15%. The event was plain in July and August, with contiguous let-up of trade goods advice. But the development was returning to normal levels since October, which had largely starting time the contact on internal dye manufacturers. And the extraction of goods rebates had not crucially impacted on the hardback of colour exports, any.

On abolishing of exportation rebates and lifting goods prices, the asking price rank of Chinese colouring material in the internationalistic open market is now akin to prices levels of new Asian colour exports, but unmoving a bit humiliate than European and American products. Despite the reduced price advantage, the goods trait and bazaar shares of Chinese coloring material have developed extensively.

2008: A invariable trend

Several factors may negatively affect the dyestuff commercial enterprise in China in 2008, together with management macro policy, production fee increase, biological pressure and worldwide economical dithering. The pursuing aspects should writ several public interest from color producers.

Speed up the pre-registration act below the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, which aims to more theoretically amend the trading of chemical substances. There is a broad timeframe (June - December 2008) for pre-registration, so dye exporters in China have to steal quick actions, in command to fully pre-register all the related goods lines. And the China Dyestuff Industry Association should as well ease the procedure for exporters, so that the striking from carrying out of REACH obedience can be shriveled to a least.

There are cardinal benefits for dyestuff products in China to go done the pre-registration modus operandi. First is the going for a song pre-registration fee, which can secure a company's trade goods licence for 2-10 time of life. Second is that as the cipher of pre-registered products increases, location will be more products reachable for exports. The finishing ingredient is that the pre-registration requires a producer's concrete baptize and trade goods traducement and trademarks, which will be circulated in the web of European Chemicals Agency. This can possibly boost the ridicule acceptance for the creator.

Chinese coloring material companies should also rearrange article of trade innovation, so that they can set up higher-value brands in the world souk. There have been a few stellar colouring material companies in China finance in innovations, merchandise intrinsic worth and scientific contents, and more than a few industry technologies are also in the route of development.

Lastly, the color commercial enterprise in China is now facing more than and more natural constraints. Therefore, companies should spend in researches of sewer water attention technologies and equipment, and quicken the movement of less-polluting dyestuff industry techniques. The whole industry should besides cheer biological science profession exchanges and promotions, in demand to fitting the government's physical phenomenon efficacy and egression money off targets in the side by side 3 old age.

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