Late physiological state from 38 old age according to medical word must be tremendously well monitored. Doctors are more than ever watchful to indubitable diseases that can complicate your gestation or have an impact on your approaching child.

I will try to programme you the utmost customary risk that is connected with postponed pregnancy

-*- The more you are older, the much you are naked to cardiovascular disease and its complications, such as toxaemia (syndrome involving high body fluid pressure, oedema and existence of macromolecule in the excretion) or a indifference of the placenta. A cardiovascular disease is the do of your babe having a low weight.

-*- The physiological condition diabetes (which occurs during gestation and afterwards disappears) is characterised by an surplus of refined sugar in the liquid body substance. Its rate increases after 40 old age and openhanded growth too utmost weight of the toddler. If necessary, a diet is afterwards wise (calorie diminution with sugars).

-*- The venture of immaturity is highly developed (multiplied by 1.7 compared to the widespread population) because the uterus has a poorer dexterity to stand physiological condition. The solution: the forty winks.

-*- At this age too, female internal reproductive organ fibroids are much many. But in most cases, they do not disquiet the course of study of the physiological state.

-*- The jeopardy of trisomy 21 increases. At 25 years, it is 1 per 1250 births, 40 time of life from 1 to 110, and 45 age of 1 to 30. Amniocentesis, which can be achieved from the 15th week, will cut out incertitude.

-*- There are two present time more than caesarian sections at this age because the womb is smaller amount contracted and the band and smaller quantity easily bent. They are absolutely controlled by the surgical social unit.

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